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Car accidents case millions of dollars in damages and injuries every single year. Many accidents occur close to our homes! Even more frightening, many accidents lead to death. If you want to stay safe when on the road, keep these tips in mind to help avoid car accidents.

Avoid Distractions

Anything that takes your eyes and attention off of driving is deemed a distraction. Avoid distractions while driving and reduce the risk you’ll become involved in a car accident. Keep your smartphone in a pocket or purse, don’t look in the backseat at the kids, don’t style your hair. Pay attention to the road!

Stay Safe

Do not get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs.  If you think you are okay to drive, you probably are not. Even prescription painkillers or sedatives can affect your driving. Also avoid driving if you are tired or sleepy.

Keep Both Hands on the Steering Wheel

Never take both hands off the steering wheel. At least one hand should remain on the steering wheel at all times. However, driving with both hands ensure that the driver has full control over the vehicle as they drive.

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Stay a Safe Distance

Keep distance between you and other cars ahead of you.  Driving ‘on the tail’ of another driver is a nuisance and it increases accident risks. This allows time to brake and stop the vehicle in the event of a sudden need to do this.

Slow Down

Posted speed limits are in place to help reduce the risks you’ll be involved in a car accident howard beach. Obey the speed limits at all times. Slow down if there is inclement weather as well. Leave come a little bit earlier and keep everyone safe and accident-free.