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The RV community is a close knit one with people all over the country engaging in that lifestyle.  When we own an RV we are primarily interested in living on the road with the ability to move from place to place whenever we want, taking what it is we want and deed with us.  A major part of this lifestyle is also being different and unique.  To help make an RV a home, locating shops for custom rv accessories idaho falls id is a great place to start.

Just like a typical home an RV will have all of the conveniences needed to make their use comfortable.  On top of water, electricity and ample room, adding personal touches can help make your personal home on wheels fun and exciting.


One of the first purchases you want to make is an awning.  Awnings are a great way to make a small outdoor space feel more indoor.  Awnings come in a wide range of sizes and colors and when attached to the side of your RV create an area where you can sit and play cards, cook or just enjoy the view.  Awnings will come in motorized and non-motorized versions and can serve a wide range of purposes.

Roller shades

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As you travel the sun can play havoc on your vision or just enjoying a nice day in your RV.  One option that you can use to alleviate this issue is to install roller shades.  These shads are easy to use and can be installed and uninstalled with ease.  They are made of a sturdy opaque material that will help keep the sun glare out of the RV but also help keep it cool. 

Designing your RV experience

As you live the RV lifestyle you will quickly become accustomed to specific aspects that you like and some that you don’t.  Taking your time and finding the perfect accessories and additions will help make your RV the perfect vehicle for you and your family.