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Two men held up in conversation for about ten minutes while waiting for their tea to cool. One is a middle-aged gentleman running his own business from home. The other, well into his seventies, long since retired and rather healthy for a man of his age. He recently had yet another recommended checkup. Needless to say, all was well. But as wise and sensible as this old man may appear to be, his old Toyota, nearing forty years of age, has hardly seen the inside of the auto body shop denver co.

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This is not a reflection on the man. It is not a reflection on the auto body shop either. It is just that both man and mechanic have been doing their homework for the last, who knows, how many years. Of course, it was a lot easier for the man in retirement to be dutiful because, no reflection on him, he had plenty of time on his hands. So, plenty of time to take his old car down to the auto body shop for its annual checkup.

And if the mechanic is as thorough as he says he is, no problem. Plenty of time. The old man is happy to wait. Loads of time on his hands. Of course, that doesn’t mean that he’ll be sitting on his hands in the time that he’s without his old vehicle. By keeping to his maintenance schedule all these years, he’s managed to keep his car in tip-top condition. Not only does the engine and the tires get a seeing to.

The bodywork as well. A specialist paint technician is commissioned every once in a while to address the potential issues of rust and corrosion that could occur.