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Being cost-effective would, to the minds of many, usually entail having the advantage of paying less for a product or service than they would normally otherwise. But perhaps that is not entirely the correct line to take, especially not with a rebuilt transmission. Yes, a rebuilt transmission does come in a lot cheaper than a completely brand new engine transmission system which would be tantamount to purchasing a brand-new truck in any event.

All depending on the make/model and size and weight of the truck, and perhaps even what it is designed to be used for, other than just propelling itself forward over long distances, it’s not unknown for a new transmission to far outweigh the current book value of the used vehicle. Which is perhaps why it would always make common sense to strive for the rebuilt option anyhow. And going to the great lengths of a new engine transmission would surely still be quite a rare case scenario.

Say, for instance, in the event that the vehicle has been in a major accident and can be rebuilt in its entirety. For the average car driver, going to this great length would never have been feasible. Both the auto mechanic and the insurance assessor would perhaps prefer to treat it as a write-off. But it is not so easy for the truck fleet owner. Even with insurance cover, usually quite weighty anyhow, the costs of replacing a new truck remains astronomical.

rebuilt transmission

Assuming of course, that it is to be a brand-new truck. With a brand new engine transmission. The rebuilt transmission is a project over time. It is done in small increments over the lifespan of the vehicle. And by a rebuilt transmission is not meant the entire engine. It may just be a minor aspect thereof.