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Prevention is better than cure, and this is definitely true when dealing with ticks and other insects. While you can do a lot to prevent ticks, it’s never fool-proof. So, how do you identify a tick infestation?

Ticks are drawn to moist and warm environments, and it’s no surprise that climates like those in Texas foster them. It can become a large problem, especially during humid weather for the government to combat such issues. Often residential tick control league city is the best way to go!

Recognizing a Tick Infestation

Before you deal with the infestation, it’s important to learn how to identify an infestation. Unfortunately, the only manner you can start to identify a tick infestation is when you see ticks on your clothes or your pets. This is also incredibly hard as ticks are very fast and small, but a larger infestation will soon start to become visible.

Another sign is if you or a family member has fallen sick. Tick-borne illnesses come with some very vague symptoms that can be attributed to something else; if you do suspect a family member or yourself of having a disease, then visit a hospital immediately.

Symptoms of tick-borne diseases

Some symptoms of tick-borne diseases are:

·    Fever

·    Chills

·    Body aches and pains

·    Headaches

·    Fatigue

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·    A rash

Identifying a tick bite

It’s also helpful to learn how to identify a tick bite. This way, it can be easier to identify an infestation. Ticks generally go for warm and moist parts of your body. Such places like the groin, armpits, ears, and hair are the first places to check.

The most common signs of a tick bite will be the itching. There will also be a rash that a doctor can use to identify a tick bite. The rash is often what is referred to as a ‘bulls-eye’ rash.

Often, if you’re feeling the itchiness and can see some redness, you can also spot the tick itself. They’re usually burrowed into the skin and need to be extracted carefully.