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You love your car, so you want it to last.

Before you have to worry about repairs, take care of your car the right way.

This is especially true when it comes to your brakes. Braking might seem like a simple task, but there are actually proper ways to brake to extend the lifetime of them.

The 3 ways to brake better

brake repair service

When all else fails, brake repair service is an option, but before you get there, take care of your brakes like this:

1.    Know the roads

Different driving conditions will affect the way you brake. For example, in the mountains on dry pavement, you should be driving in lower gears. Then apply the brakes slowly on and off, for about 5 seconds at a time. This allows your engine to do more of the work and not your brakes. In slick conditions, do the opposite. Drive in normal gear and maintain steady pressure on the brakes.

2.    Be prepared

Everyone knows this rule. Simply put, this means don’t slam on your brakes. At stop signs, red lights, or turns, you know what’s coming so plan ahead. Begin to apply pressure to your brakes well before you get to the stop sign. Otherwise you’ll be significantly decreasing the life of your brakes.

3.    The famous 3 second rule

There’s a reason this is a rule. This also follows along with planning ahead, and prevents you from getting into any of those fender benders we so dread. Follow no more than 3 seconds behind other cars on the road. This means that as they pass something make sure you can count 3 seconds before you pass it as well. If they brake unexpectedly, this should give you plenty of time to stop without damaging your brakes.